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4 Best Coffee Shop With Incredible View in Mount Bromo

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For coffee lovers, enjoying coffee is a pleasure in itself that can also feel an incredible sensation, enjoy coffee with a very beautiful natural scenery and will add to the taste of the coffee itself, and this is a coffee shop with a very beautiful view

1. d'Potrek Coffee Shop Bromo

Depotrek located on the slopes of Mount Bromo is one of the coffee shops that serves coffee with
incredible views, from any angle you can enjoy the view

2. Bromo Terrace

Bromo terrace is a beautiful place to enjoy warm coffee with incredible views, here you can also see the Tengger mountains

3. Rehat Bromo

Rehat Bromo is located not far from Mount Bromo crater as well as the best choice for coffee, is a coffee shop with a very beautiful and amazing view

4. Lava View Lodge

Lava view lodge is the right choice to enjoy coffee with the view of Mount Bromo from the front of the coffee shop, this place is the closest to Mount Bromo Crater and Mount Batok, the beautiful
sunset adds to the beauty of the scenery, in this place you can also stay for a few nights, because the place this also provides lodging

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