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7 Best spot to take a photo in Mount Bromo | Cheap Bromo Tour Price

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Mount Bromo Tour Packages has become one of the favorite attractions of people who travel to Malang. The expanse of beautiful scenery is targeted by tourists to simply relax the eyes or add a collection of photos of the streets. However, if you don't know where you are in a cool photo spot, your arrival can be useless.

Mount bromo tour package
Mount Bromo Tour package

If you join an open trip to Mount Bromo, Mount Penanjakan will be the first destination written on the visit list. Why? The thing is, this location is the most popular place and is a mandatory spot to see the sunrise. Yep, Mount Pananjakan is famous for the beauty of the landscape that is swept with fog.

Try to imagine, the soft touch of the rising sun glowing in red and yellow behind the white clouds. What a beautiful sight, right? This photo with a sunrise and mountain background is the most uploaded photo of a netizen visiting Mount Bromo.

mount bromo tour package
Whispering sand

Whispering Sand is one of the uniqueness of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. This place is in the form of a very wide plain and covered with black sand. Anyway, similar to the desert.

A rough sand texture makes a sound like a whisper. Really? Just try it there, take a pinch of sand, then drop it slowly to the ground. A soft voice like a whisper must have appeared. In Pasir Berbisik, you can also find some large stones that can be climbed or as an additional background for photographs.

3. SAVANNA Of Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo Tour Package
Savanna of Mount Bromo

Teletubbies Hill is not just a stunning spot in Dieng, you know. In fact, there is also Mount Bromo. The Teletubbies hill itself is actually a very wide savanna with a green landscape as far as the eye can see. That bumpy hill that looks like a hill in the Teletubbies series.

The beauty and uniqueness of the Teletubbies Hill can be enshrined from the foothills. The scenery is beautiful and soothing. It's not surprising that this spot has become a favorite of many people.

Mount Bromo Tour Package
Jeep Wheels 4X4

For exploring Mount Bromo, actually, visitors need to rent a jeep car. Especially if you go to the first spot that Viki calls, Penanjakan. The thing is, Penanjakan has a height of 2,770 masl, higher than Mount Bromo. So, ordinary vehicles won't be able to reach this spot.

Well, jeep rentals don't just make your trip easier. In fact, you can get small photos in a jeep. The problem is, jeeps can accommodate you to all the spots on Mount Bromo, including PaBir whispering and Teletubbies Hill. So, it's a shame if you don't take photos of this vehicle. Or, you can just take a photo with this vehicle so that it seems you are a true adventurer figure.

Mount Bromo Tour Package
Mount Bromo Crater

To be able to reach Bromo crater, tourists must climb hundreds of stairs. So, this one spot is not really mandatory like some of the previous spots. Many, how come, those who are lazy to climb hundreds of these steps. However, even so, this crater located at 2,329 meters is one of the main attractions in Bromo. Not a few tourists still want to take the time to ride and take pictures close to the former eruption area. The thing is, it's very awkward if you go to Mount Bromo, but don't enjoy the crater. Tired of a little is okay, the important thing is the maximum results

Mount Bromo Tour Package
Mount Batok

In addition to Mount Bromo, in the mountain range there is actually another mountain called Mount Batok. Although this mountain is not as famous as Mount Bromo or Mount Semeru, actually, the appearance of Mount Batok most often appears in the image of Mount Bromo. In fact, some people mistakenly think that this mountain is Mount Bromo. No wonder, though, because the location of Mount Batok is adjacent to Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru.

If it's on the way to the summit of Mount Bromo, try to stop first to take a photo with the background of Mount Batok. Oh, yeah, you can also rent a horse to reach the top. So, don't miss the opportunity to take a photo with the horses.

Mount Bromo Tour Package
Poten Luhur Temple

You could say, this is the most exotic location on Mount Bromo. This temple is one of the places of worship for the Tengger tribe. Tengger Temple was built in 2000 with a mixed architecture of Balinese and Javanese customs. Aside from being a place of worship, Luhur Poten Temple is the location for celebrating the Bromo traditional tribe, the Kasada Ceremony. Kasada ceremony is an annual ceremony as a form of thanksgiving for the gifts received by the community. This ceremony is held once a year in Kasada (the 10th month of the Javanese calendar), precisely on the 14th day and the first night of the month.

Well, the panorama of this temple is made to be immortalized. Moreover, the location is in the middle of the vast caldera and there are mountain views as the backdrop. Lo, you will definitely forget the feeling of exhaustion when you come here.

The spectacular and dramatic beauty of Mount Bromo makes it one of the most popular tourist attractions in Indonesia. Not only local tourists, foreign tourists want to come here to watch the soothing and stunning natural scenery. Well, if you go to Mount Bromo and its surroundings, remember, yes, always keep it clean in order to maintain its natural beauty.

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