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4 Spot Probolinggo Highlight, No 3 Will Blow Your Mind

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The city of Probolinggo is a city in East Java Province, Indonesia. Located about 100 km southeast of Surabaya, the city of Probolinggo is bordered by the Madura Strait in the north, and Probolinggo Regency in the east, south and west. Probolinggo is the fourth largest city in East Java after Surabaya, Malang and Kediri by population. The city is located in the Tapal Kuda area, East Java and is the main north coast line that connects Java to Bali and  Probolinggo also offers tourist attractions in addition to Mount Bromo which is very beautiful to visit including the following

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BeeJay Bakau Resort or BJBR is a popular tourist spot in Probolinggo, given its existence which is felt to be quite important amidst the lives of Probolinggo residents in particular. This one mangrove tourism park does have complete facilities and is also affordable for many people.

As a vacation destination, BJBR tourism does provide a variety of facilities and water rides that are quite diverse, ranging from resorts, saltwater pools to several spots to take pictures. Given the high enthusiasm, this tourist place continues to make improvements and the addition of facilities and infrastructure to support all the needs of tourists. The location not too far from the city center of Probolinggo makes this place always crowded, especially when the holidays arrive.

If in general, tourist objects that have been popular put up ticket prices that are quite expensive, but it is different for BJBR. By being carried as a family tourist spot, the manager does deliberately not memato high prices with the aim of sharing happiness with the wider community. If some time ago I had reviewed Madakaripura Waterfall, this time it was still in the same city, Probolinggo. Want to know what is available at BeeJay Bakau Resort? it's good you first check the full info below.

On this afternoon I will explain in detail about the info BJBR BeeJay Bakau Resort tourist spot in Probolinggo. Hopefully all information that will be submitted can be received and made as an additional reference for you or other wise readers.

This church was originally designed in the Netherlands where the structure of the building was mostly made of steel with a loading and unloading system. This series of church materials has a total of 1,668 items sent directly from the Netherlands to Probolinggo. Furthermore, these materials are strung together to build a church. The purpose of sending this building was as part of the spread of Christianity by Dutch missionaries. It should also be noted that churches that resemble this are actually two or twins, the other is in The Hague, Netherlands.ven though it has an official name GPIB Immanuel but this church is more famous as the Red Church because indeed the color is dominated by red paint. The reason why this building is given red paint is because it is made of steel, so to prevent damage, the church is coated with paint or rust-proof paint that has red color. At the back of the church there is also one more building with a white base that is used for the secretariat office.

This church was built in 1862 precisely during the VOC occupation in Indonesia. The church, which is also a cultural preserve on Jalan Suroyo, Mayangan Subdistrict, has never been deserted by visits by domestic and foreign tourists. Many visitors want to take a closer look at the Dutch Colonial heritage church.

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onga Rafting is a water tour carried out along the Pakelan river. The source of the Pakelan River comes from the Mount Lamongan spring and Mount Argopuro spring. As for the width of the river varies, ranging from 5 meters to 20 meters. Every participant who does arum rafting will cross various terrain, which is certainly very exciting. With the patter of the creeping river water and rocks, the participants who made rafting in the river felt increasingly challenged.The distance of the rafting route that must be taken from the start to reach the finish of approximately 12 km. Travel time takes approximately 3.5 hours. There are many types of rapids that must be passed when doing rafting on the Pakelan river, among others are Pandawa, Welcome, Xtravaganza, Batu Jenggot, KPLA, Sharks, Tripple Ace, The Fly Matador, Rajawali, Long Rapid, Cucak Rowo, and Good Bye.
Songa Rafting Tourism is located in Ranu Gedang Village, Tiris District, Probolinggo Regency, East Java. The distance of this tour from the city center of Probolinggo is also not too far away. If you don't know the terrain, you can use travel services. These Travel Services generally also provide arum jeram packages. But if you want to go alone it is also not a problem, because there are many signposts that can be used as a reference to arrive at the location. A little unfortunate is that the road conditions are not good, aka hollow. So it is recommended that you be a little careful.

Probolinggo Museum is a museum in the city of Probolinggo, East Java province, Indonesia. Panti Budaya Building as a building that is currently used as the Probolinggo Museum has become an icon of tourism in the City of Probolinggo. As a center of history and culture, the Probolinggo museum plays an important role in supporting the learning process for tourists. Equipped with various attributes of historical objects and replicas that reflect the existence of a high-value culture, it is able to enhance the image of the city of Probolinggo as a historical city.

Various heritage assets during the Dutch colonial period also added to the Pobolinggo museum collection. The Probolinggo Museum which was officially opened by the Head of the East Java Province Tourism and Culture Office at the time of the holding of the 2nd MPS, was also supported by various related institutions, such as the Empu Tantular Museum. It is expected that with the application of increasingly diverse cooperation with various work units, it will improve the quality and quantity of historical heritage products at the Probolinggo Museum.

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